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Artist Profile

Moving backward in life to  move  forward may  seem counterintuitive  but that’s  exactly  what  I   did  to  recover  from   a personal tragedy. After regaining my footing, I reached into my past and created a contemporary sequence of geometric artworks titled “Purple Circle Series.


Being nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, depth perception has always eluded me. I compensated then and still to this day even after cataract surgery by using mathematics and geometry to navigate through visual life and this is also reflected in my work.

  I am self-taught and my pursuit of artistic skill and knowledge will be an ongoing endeavor. As one event builds on another my understanding of what an artist is and does will constantly evolve.  Improving my skill level and craftsmanship along with the interpretation of what I see and feel around me will advance this craft called art.

As I progress on this journey, I find myself becoming an observer of human behavior and interpreting those events through art.  Like most of us, reaching beyond our world seems awkward and intimidating.   I have often heard writers being told to write what you know, so personalizing that advice, I painted a series of what I know, called Human.

I have lived many lives in as many places but now call the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania home.

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